Standard configuration

  • 250 kg hammer weight and capable of drivng up to 10ft tall posts
  • external lever controls for improved operation and safety
  • 500mm telescopic side shift for improved machine adjustment and compact transport position
  • hydraulic powered slew with a massive 120 deg working area
  • 35 degree either side mast angle tilt
  • quick release 300mm throat width gripper plate with reinforced rubber for noise reduction
  • Hydraulic mast leg

A fully hydraulic rear mounted post driver for the farmer/contractor. It is equipped with a 250 kg hammer, 120 degree slew with 500mm telescopic extension and mast tilts.


  • 300 kg in lieu of 250 kg driver weight
  • 1m telescopic mast giving 4.1m max working height
  • 300 kg hydraulic counterweight with 500mm sideshift for increased stability
  • 75mm rock spike and hydraulic extractor kit for piloting holes through hard and rocky ground conditions
  • Independent hydraulic front legs