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P500+ Digger Range

Part of the Tractor Rear Mounted Post Driver Range

Product overview

This machine is a fully hydraulic rear mounted post driver equipped with both 350mm of back shift and 120 degrees of slew with 800mm telescopic extension. Protech are proud to be the first to offer this. A range of 300 500kg hammer weights are availible combined with hardox steel mast for excellent durability and strength.

1000mm telescopic mast extension providing ground to cap plate max height of 4.1m, rock spike and extractor kit, counter weights and independent hydraulic front leg.



standard specification includes:

  • 300 kg driving weight
  • remote lever control valve
  • hydraulic slew with 120 deg working area
  • 350mm hydraulic back shift
  • hydraulic mast crowd
  • 35 deg either side mast angle tilt
  • 1m telescopic mast giving 4.1m max working height
  • quick release 300mm throat width gripper plate
  • close coupled transport position
  • 800mm telescopic slew arm
  • hydraulic rear leg
  • hydraulically extending counterweight
  • Toolbox

optional features include:

  • Up to 500kg driver weight option
  • 800mm telescopic slew arm
  • hydraulic rear leg
  • 75mm diameter hardened steel rock spike and extractor kit
  • Drawbar attachment